"Chick Days" earns our brand

To begin our home ranch, my five-year-old son and I headed to the public library for a little bit of knowledge before we plunged into the responsibilities associated with raising chickens. The best book by far available on the shelves was "Chick Days" by Jenna Woginrich. With the beautiful pictures and personal anecdotes, my son eagerly follows our progress by referring to Jenna's pages, which takes you along the with her as she raises three lively pullets. I kid you not, my son literally flies out of bed (excuse the pun) in the morning declaring the latest chronology of our baby chicks. I make a point to bring my son to the brooder each morning where he is in charge of feeding, watering and socializing with "the girls." He greets them the same way each morning and takes time to carefully handle each little fuzz ball. This book has been a terrific introduction for our backyard ranch and it earns our Backyard Ranch Brand!

Mmmmm Good.

My dear friend Carrie introduced me to MMLocal while out shopping on Gaylord Street in Denver. Whenever I peruse the website my mouth waters. They partner with local growers to pick produce at the height of ripeness, and then preserve those delicious local flavors using the most natural and traditional methods. It’s real, local food that tastes like it’s supposed to. Western slope peaches, front range tomatoes, high desert peppers, paonia pears, pickled beets and orchard plums. How can you resist? 

Backyard ranching helps you relax

We find this website maintained by the Hobby Farms publications family a must-read for backyard ranchers. As home farming gets more popular and common in our communities, this site is a good clearinghouse of information and tips for the novice or experienced home farmer.